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The LEGO Movie Wave II Speculations

With a new set and a new Unikitty minifigure announced at SDCC, I started to wonder what sets The LEGO Movie still has to offer. Here are a few I spotted before, which is to say there are probably plenty more that I have not seen so far (time to re-watch it soon!):

  • The Copper Chopper is shown on the poster and mentioned by name in the movie, so I would be surprised if it did not make physical appearance.
  • It seems Larry is a very popular character, so him getting a second variant within his own set would be awesome.
  • The western vehicle Wyldstyle threw together when they escaped from Bad Cop the second time I called Piglet Express. It seemed very fragile for an actual build, but als got a lot of screen time.
  • The Regular Everyday Transporter seems quite big (about the size of the Super Secret Police Dropship (70815) maybe), so the possibility of it becoming a set would depend on the play features.
  • The cement mixer turned Concrete Crusher has the problem that it would be really similar to the Cement Mixer (7990) from 2006 in terms of color scheme and the Cement Mixer (60018) from 2013 in terms of construction design.

Of course there is also the very unlikely possibility of a Batwing/-mobile, as the ones from the movie where the coolest LEGO Batvehicles I have seen until now. 

I have also noticed several Master Builders that were not yet made into minifigures:

  • Michelangelo was already featured prominently in the first trailer of the movie, so I was surprised he did not show up in the Minifigures series.
  • There will be a prospector in the upcoming Series 12, but he looks very different.
  • The Trucker could also be a Lumberjack as he has an axe when he appears in “The Dog”, but then he would be very similar to the one from Series 5

Besides the Newspaper Boy, who I think is really cute, there are also plenty of construction workers with just as many set opportunities. Especially Barry shows up so often, that he deserves the physical minifigure treatment.

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remember when Cosmo didn’t tell Mama Cosma he married Wanda so when he went to see her he told her he was out getting milk for the past 10,000 years

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I hope the royal baby goes through an emo phase

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Some Crash figures leokasper there’s the polar/ crash piggy bank!
Sadly I might have to sell some of this merch because money issues :/
So keep an eye out if you see anything you like and I might make a post for stuff I’m selling.

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I love fangirl Mark!!! <3

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Fuck PETA. They’re offering to help ten families in Detroit with their bills if they agree to become vegan.



Holy shit that is some straight up white saviour missionary style bullshit. Only with quinoa instead of bibles. 

we will help you

but only ONLY if you accept tofu as your lord and savior

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Yet they claim that the queer community is overly sexual and puts our sex lives out there. Straight people are weird. 

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lets just talk about how all the photos in the NTA’s gallery are nicely posed shots where people are smiling and holding their awards and then there’s this


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  • 1: *out for dinner with my dad because we were too lazy to cook*
  • 2: *comes up out of no where with the most judgmental look ever* (will also be refereed to as 'ROL')
  • 3: Isn't he a little old for you?
  • 1: Well, considering he's my Dad, I'd say that your a judgmental hag.
  • 4: *chokes into his drink*
  • 3: You should respect your elders.
  • 1: You should respect your youth, we're the ones who'll decide on whether or not to pull your cord in like, what? Five weeks?
  • 4: *chokes on his drink again*
  • 3: *storms off*
  • 4: *looks at me with a disapproving look*
  • 1: What?
  • 4: Come on, you and I both know it will be three weeks.